true masculinity

In society, the true definition of "masculinity" is often misinterpreted without accurately understanding the terminology in a non-biased way. Men are often portrayed as everything from emotionally incompetent to posers, generalized, and philandered. Along my journey, I've met many amazing men who impact the community distinctively in their own unique way and it's remarkable and quite inspiring to witness their driving forces solely based on their purpose, love, and passion. To me, I feel like "masculinity" is not a term to justify or be measured by how much "manhood" a man embodies, but instead view it with a new fresh lens as in understanding that true masculinity is a powerful force of good. A man with a vision. Led by a much greater force beyond him and is devoted to his purpose for the greater good of humanity. Real men choose love over power. In a society where patriarchy exists based upon the "ego" and "separation" choosing "love" signify immense strength and courage in the character of an individual, especially from the men of our society. To go against adversity and by choosing to be the agent of change and revolution speaks immense volumes about their masculinity. True masculinity is not determined by how much physical strength a man has but rather the strength of his character. It is not a matter of how much wealth or power a man has but rather of what he does do with the wealth and power that he does have. I feel like it's important to understand how incredibly impactful each mindful action has on the overall catalyst of positive higher level of frequency dominated by love and light on this planet we call earth. We are too lit to dim our inner divine and powerfully sacred light to please outside external forces. Don't ever play yourself. 

Consciousness is the new sexy

Inner peace is the new success

Kindness is the new beautiful

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