Thavy Yin is a fashion enthusiastic blogger, wardrobe stylist, creative director and one of the founders of Platinum Minds, based in Southern California. She is best known for her expertise in intertwining high and low fashion alongside with girly and tomboy aesthetic, transforming it into a sensational balanced concoction. She uses her innovative brain and passionate heart to create timeless visuals for her personal creative projects and client’s creative projects; her aim is always to execute her work at her highest level of thinking by building exhilaration and excitement to her audiences and viewers. Creating a "feel" and "story" as the attachment to her garments; making it so much more meaningful than just mulberry silk and cotton. She proposes a gift which includes her creative eye, which solely stems from her bold and audacious attitude as the foundation. What you think is hideous she thinks is beautiful. Her talent is to transfigure pieces at a level beyond the unforeseen eyes can attain. This makes her an eccentric public figure in the creative industry.

"I'm attracted to things I can't define" - Raf Simons

Why "Modern Gypsy" What about this title resonates with you?

The idea of how gypsies were members of a tribe who have this "wanderlust" lifestyle was truly fascinating to me. They traveled and made the whole world their home rather than staying in one permanent place. I feel like this vastly relates to the fashion industry because fashion is also not permanent. Styles come and go. It’s all about adapting.

As a style blogger, how has developing your own sense of style externally helped you discover who you are internally?

Trust, the most satisfying part of fashion to me is when you can successfully style yourself to embody who you are internally. Along my journey, I have come across many incredible pieces, from independent local brands to high-end brands, that I find fitting to who I am as a person. I believe that the internet is a massive power tool. It provided me with endless inspiration that I nitpick to finally come up with my own personal style that is me to the T.

How can we start spread the #committoyou conversation and help other women to start putting themselves first?

I think it is important to ask other women what their goals in life are and then asking them what all of their goals have in common. The common denominator is them. In order to accomplish their goals, they must have a solid foundation to build on. The woman you’re becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces, and material things. Choose her over everything.

What is your #1 tip for girls who want to cultivate their own unique style but may be hesitant?

Being different is a gift. Think about this… You can be someone else’s inspiration. Fashion is odd at times, but that’s the beauty of it.

Article from MissBish