Thavy Yin best known as ‘Modern Gypsy’ is an ardent fashion blogger, wardrobe stylist, and free-lance creative director. She is based out the sunny west coast of SoCal. Her style is strongly influenced by various kinds of music, an assortment of different lifestyles, favorite films, and art. She's a free-thinker who does not follow the status quo. Known for her capacity to intertwine high and low fashion alongside with feminine and masculine, her creations always come out cohesive and truly out of the box. Her niche is incorporating girly and tomboy styles to create an outfit that is not only aesthetically pleasing but extraordinary composed and one of a kind. Her perspective is that when joining the two forces of innovation and boundless passion she is able to create timeless visuals for not only her personal creative projects but for her client’s projects. Aiming to always execute that the client wants and adding her own personal flair is her expertise. She always tries her best to building exhilaration, stimulation, and excitement all her visuals and creative work.

"I'm attracted to things I can't define." - Raf Simons