Q) What makes "individuality" attractive?   I feel like the most attractive thing about a person is their unique and one of...

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Q) What makes "individuality" attractive?


I feel like the most attractive thing about a person is their unique and one of a kind qualities that separate them from other people of the same kind. The individual who has a strong sense of self emerges pure divine energies of authenticity and bright light from within. The energy is magnetic and quite contagious. I believe the world we live in makes it extremely more difficult for the human race to be true to their authentic selves in a non-judgmental way. It’s almost like having to unlearn things that were programmed from a society that isn’t aligned with your soul’s integrity and purpose. I feel like it’s a continuous journey of new belief-systems adopted and replaced in your subconscious mind. I feel like the ability to think independently, confidently, and creatively is highly attractive. Individuality to me represents the mastery of the mind and emotions, which is interconnected. The heart is the source of what you are passionate about and your true authentic sense of self. Love. Your soul’s urge. This is the highest vibrational level of frequency in this universe associate with intense and strong emotions. The communication between your emotional and rational “brains” is the physical source of emotional intelligence. This section of the brain is called the “amygdala” and this is where emotions are processed. Moreover, a person with individuality uses the tool of “feel” and the ability to comprehend their emotions articulately in a way that masters their sense of self. They can never be manipulated because they know themselves. That’s the power of knowing yourself. They know what they require, not expect. They align with nothing, things align with them. They don’t question themselves, they question everything outside of them. I truly believe everyone has a unique source of light from within waiting to guide them home after being dimmed for so long. By all of us embracing our authenticity of who we are and realize that we are all connected and part of a larger whole. This will create a new beautiful awakening of consciousness. A shift from aggression to compassion, from fact to truth, from fear to love, from separateness to oneness, from unquestioned dogma to faith, from left brain to right, from war to peace, from force to flow, from unconsciousness to consciousness, and from unquestioned linear processes to a lateral solution. We each have a light within us waiting to guide us home. Our soul's purpose is to shine this unique light in a way that only we can. In doing so, we spark something in another and inspire them to do the same.

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