Vans x Vivienne Westwood

OUTFIT DETAILS: Top //  Organza Top Pants //   Wide Leg Pants Kicks //   Vans Slip On Photographer //  IG: @jssra_ /  ...


Top // Organza Top
Pants // Wide Leg Pants
Kicks // Vans Slip On
Photographer // IG: @jssra_ / www.jssra.com

I am tremendously proud to announce the miraculous collaboration by Vans and Vivienne Westwood. Both powerful forces came together to create a collection commending the fearless individualism that defines each brand individually and mixing it up to create a whole another vibe. Vivienne Westwood aesthetic represents the modern punk and new wave fashion. Vans represents the cultural lifestyle of California through key aspects of west coast living such as surf and skateboarding. With both brands combining forces… the end results is nothing far from greatness. Individually, each brand creates a huge impact on today’s fashion movement. Both relating to cultural rebellion and creativity.

The beautiful thing about any collaboration in my eyes is the two shared stories fused together through designs, prints & textiles. When styling I love combining different styles together and clashing it with the unexpected. It brings me great joy to move people through the cohesiveness, but yet unexpected, end result of my concoction. 

"The only reason i'm in fashion is to destroy the word conformity"-Vivienne Westwood

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