5'5 with brown eyes

OUTFIT DETAILS: Pants:  ASOS   Brown Pleat Front Kicks:  OFF WHITE  Volt Air Force 1 Top:  WIFE   Beaters (Cropped DIY)...


Pants: ASOS Brown Pleat Front
Kicks: OFF WHITE Volt Air Force 1
Top: WIFE Beaters (Cropped DIY)

photography: Steffany Rhee

I ain't gonna lie… styling neon was not a walk in the park for me. What was going on in my head was, “Thavy, pleaseeeee do not end up looking like a cheap, highlight head ass clown.” With some research I surprisingly came across a vast amount of celebrities rockin’ neon from head to toe. Majority of them rocked neon with even more neon. That layering effect... totally not my vibe. Every time I'm working with a piece that is considered "LOUD" (which I consider something that attract attention; whether it's from color, designs, etc.) I like to style AROUND that "loud" garment. I counteract it with neutral tones or simple designs. My rationale behind it simply is... balance. Using tones such as white, black, gray, beige, ivory, or nude neutralizes the outfit as whole.

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