Saving money on High End Designer Brands

You can't say money is not an issue, especially when you want to purchase a high-end designer brand balling on a part-time budget. ...

You can't say money is not an issue, especially when you want to purchase a high-end designer brand balling on a part-time budget. On a serious note--It's ONLY an Issue, if you make it an issue and have that mind-set.  I have a strong designer love, not because I want to show off but because I appreciate the craft and what the meaning behind fashion is. People don’t often have this mind-set. Most people don’t think art or the idea of expressing yourself through materialistic things such as clothes should be acknowledge for or even appreciated compared to people such as lawyers. I know, I finally watched the “The September Issue” movie, which documents behind the scene footage behind the elite fashion world, following the chief and editor of Vogue Anna Wintour. A quote that really stuck out to me was…

-- I think what I often see it that people are frightened about fashion. Because it scares them or make them feel insecure they just put it down. On the whole people that may say, the meanly things about our world I think that's usually because they feel, in some ways, excluded or, you know, not a part of 'the cool group' so as a result they just mock it. – Anna Wintour

Anyways, if you want to afford brands such as Balenciaga, Givenchy, Saint Laurent’s etc. You still can.  Don't wait till you have a full on career and hella money in order for you to stunt later when you are 30 +.  There's many ways you can save money and not pay the full prices for labels that you love.

1) Thrift—Someone trash, is another person treasure. You can find plenty of good things when you are at a thrift store. It’s just if you are there at the right time or not. My friend went to Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach, and scored a $400 Givenchy SS13 Shirt. Guess how much he bought it for at Buffalo? Only $40! It’s completely legit too. The material, tag and everything were all legit. I also went to Wasteland in Santa Monica and found a nice pair of white Helmut Lang pants for only $80! Not too shabby. Here’s a list of thrift store in Los Angeles area that I go to.

Great Label Inc. in Santa Monica 
Wasteland in Santa Monica 
Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach 
Buffalo Exchange in Los Angeles 
Wasteland in Los Angeles
Goodwills everywhere

 2) Cyber Sales—The thing about sales on websites such as Barneys/SSense/Opening Ceremony etc. You just don’t know what items will go on sale it just depends on when they want to put it on sale. I mean you’re probably like, if I don’t get it now it might be sold out. Well yeah, that happens to. But other time, you will be surprised. I honestly just randomly browse occasionally and find things that saved me so much money from the original price! For Instance, just recently I purchased an ACNE STUDIO jeans (black Pin- Up style) for only $138 the original price was $230 I basically saved 40% and it also included free shipping for USA resident. There’s so many good find on this website that goes on sale! I will attach a link below! 

 3) Styling—Honestly, looking fashionable do not mean wearing designer brands from head to toe. I hate that shit. And foreal, it doesn’t really look too appealing. There are so many people I know that have the money and have the expensive shit but choose the most horrendous item. It’s like, just because there’s a “Louis Vuitton” label on it, it’s a complete winner for them. No. I also hate Michael Kors. The bag and watch. Only because it’s so played out. Like boys, stop giving your chicks UGGS and MICHAEL KORS purses. LOL. It’s really annoying. Sorry but yeah it’s just my opinion. Anyways, give respect to other brands out there too, not just the one you hear in Nick Minaj song lol. But basically, what I mean is you can honestly rock a basic Zara shirt, with some acne pants and a pair of vans. That’s what I meant. Being able to style pieces together in a unique way, where people can admire the simplicity but at the same time appreciate your creativity.  Just be confidence in what you are wearing, and that is what is going to make people admire you even MORE!  Look at Ian Connor, he's a perfect example he's over here rolling his pants up and painting his nails but still makes it cool.  People are afraid of changes and being different, that's one of the real life world problem about fashion.  Shut the fuck up, and start a trend.


 Don't jock, what you can't rock
They hate us, cause they ain't us

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