Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibition

Top: RAF SIMONS Shoes: STEVE MADDEN Shout out to Nicolas Ghesquière  for choosing the heart of LA as the first de...


Shout out to Nicolas Ghesquière for choosing the heart of LA as the first destination of the “Louis Vuitton Series 2” exhibition – Past, Future and Present.  Nicolas showcased his Spring 2015 line through out the whole exhibit grasping visitors attention through his distinctively mind blowing vision and timeless inspirations.

 As you walk in, you will notice every room has a different personality to it.  
My favorite room would first be the “Talking Faces” room.  I honestly felt like I was out of this world, at a dark planet BUT filled with a bunch of goodness at the same damn time.  I was pretty overwhelmed seeing different holographic projection of model heads talking in a robotic tone.  Super clever entrance if you ask me.  Another favorite room of mines would be the “accessories gallery”. We all know I’m a big fan of everything being all white—well this room went way beyond that.  White ceiling, white floor even white manikin accessorized with different LV bags and shoes.  Last but not least—another one of my favorite is the “backstage” room.  I love how Nicolas gave us a taste behind the scene of what goes on backstage during a fashion show.  I mean, we all seen it on TV—America Next Top Model, Vogue September Issue & such, but we’ve never seen it face to face.  To be able to see all the garments on the rack, pictures of the model and the outfit they are going to wear exactly.  It was just pure beauty.

Time: 10 AM- 6 PM (Daily)
Address: 1135 North Highland Ave. Los Angeles

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