( Top:  UO  Sweater:  BAPE  Kicks:  VANS  )

( Top: UO Sweater: BAPE Kicks: VANS )

Today, I decided to dress down a little bit.  Knocked off the heels, and of course keep it classic with my sk8 highs.  The creative bitch I am, I decided to make my Bape sweater a... dun dun dun skirt!  Why the hell not?  Tied around the waist skirts are trending as we are speaking, why not save some money, and make my uh.. sweater a skirt? haha.  It came out great.  If you're wondering, what's that scribble on my hand.  Well, it's a Henna.  I sort of regret paying $30.00 for a crappy design.  The girl who designed the Henna for me, obviously don't know what the hell she is doing.  The lines are not symmetrical, and like the dots don't even match.  NOT to mention how effin rude she was.  Do not go to Ziba in Lakewood mall.  I suggest, going to a real deal Henna/Mehndi place that knows what they are doing.  Thanks.

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