TOP: NIKE SPORTS BRA OUTERWEAR: F21 Hello!  Here I am channeling my inner sporty-chic look.  Yeah, sweat pants, hair tied,...


Hello!  Here I am channeling my inner sporty-chic look.  Yeah, sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with MAKE-UP on...  Me bustin' bars from Drizzy Drake now.  Anyways, the nude cardigan that I'm wearing in this picture, yeah let me tell you the struggle I went through, in order to cop this bishh!

I was at Forever 21.  I know, what the fuck are you doing there Thavy?  That's like a forbidden pathway.  Hey, yeah.  I know what you're thinking, but it's not like that because I was actually in there to back-up my homegirl.  Lol, anyways as I was walking around I seen this perfect long blazer that I've been meaning to purchase online!  Of course, the online version was over price (as usual).  So, I've been lagging on the REAL DEAL final transaction.  Anyways, this blazer I've been eye candying was only seen on this dumb Manikin, which was completely absurd, because I know it wants to be on me.  I asked the 4ever 21 lady, if she can find it.  There was none left.  I asked her if I can take it down the manikin.  This bitch said "No I am not allowed to take anything off the manikan.  It's the rule".  I told her I really want it.  She tells me if I want to check a different 4ever.  Bitch, shut up.  I ain't got no time for your BS.  I WANT THT ONE.  That's what I was thinking, but I sort of told her what's really up in a different version.  I told her it's cool.  As soon as she walked away, I whispered to my homegirl, and told her to take the blazer down for me and i'll keep an eye on that girl.  She pulled half of the blazer down from the manikin already.  As, she almost pulled the entire blazer down, I can see the worker walking our way!!!  I already knew it was trouble.  So I stormed off.  LOL, long story short, she told my homegirl she can tell I really want it and spoke with her manager.  At the end of course, the manager said yeah and TA DAH that's how I ended up getting the blazer.  Like honestly, it doesn't even make sense.  Why the hell are you going to put it up on display for customers to see, if it's the last one in the store.  That's like false advertisement, especially when you aren't even allowed to take it down for us.  WHAT THE FUCK.  LOL, I don't get it.  But yeah, that's the struggle that I went through in order to get what I want. 

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