Today I decided to blog about something that has affect me physically and emotionally.  I figured there wasn't enough information about...

Today I decided to blog about something that has affect me physically and emotionally.  I figured there wasn't enough information about this topic online, so I decided to share my personal experience.  

Gastritis: occurs when the lining of the stomach becomes inflamed or swollen. Gastritis can last for only a short time (acute gastritis), or linger for months to years (chronic gastritis).

- Abdominal discomfort
- Nausea- usually vomiting
- Loss of appetite
- Swollen Abdomen
- Cramping
- Indigestion
- Paleness
- Shortness of breath
- Increase heart rate

^^^ THAT'S ALL ME -_-

DAY 1-- July 24, 2014 was when I started experiencing something that utterly destroyed me :(  I remember waking up hung over AF, well I thought it was because I was hung over until I realize I got gastritis.  I was really hungry & decided to make omelette for me and my man.  Sprinkled a bunch of sugar & salt into the mix and after taking one bite... I was wiggling around the bed, experiencing the most uncomfortable bloating ever!  ONE bite guys.  I knew something was wrong but didn't think too much of it.  Laying down watching television, I began to crave chocolate ice cream.  Began taking a scoop,  full filling my crave.  A minute after, the same damn feeling occurred.  I began to feel bloating, nausea, abdominal pain & shortage of breath.  I figured this ain't no damn hang over.  Hang over does not make me lose my appetite.  Looked it up on (GOOGLE) and yas I got gastritis.  Spicy food, Chocolate, Salt, Sugar -- everything I ate up above was supposed to be the things that I MUST avoid.

DAY 2-DAY 3-- My loving grandma took me by the hand, and I slept in her room while she takes good care of me.  She made me porridge, oatmeal -- all the things I'm supposed to be eating while i'm on the "gastritis diet".  My thought at this point was this is nothing serious -- according to the internet.  I can definitely get through it if I eat the right diet!  That's what I thought.  But damn shame me because it ain't true.  My grandma coined my back for me & omg it was such a pain reliever! I feel like a human again for like 30 minute & then the pain comes back again, when I decide to eat FOOD.  That really hurts me, to know that I couldn't eat food... Like have you seen me?  I'm already skinny.  Started taking PEPTO BISMO, because I thought it would help the acid in my stomach and maybe ease the pain.  Boy was I wrong.  I threw up every bit of Pink shit that went inside my mouth.  

DAY 4-- I knew things weren't getting better so I decided to go to my family doctor.  He looked at me and shook his head.  "You're very pale, I can tell by the look of your eyes you don't have much red blood cells.  I'm going to send you to the ER immediately".  There I am at Pacific Hospital on the bed rest.  I felt like dying at this point.  The nurse was pretty damn annoying.  The first thing he told me was " here's a bag to put all of your stuff it's GUCCI, straight from RODEO DRIVE".  I did not laugh.  Hello mister, I'm already as sick as it is.  Your sense of humor is definitely irrevelant.  Stop talking to me.  I remember shivering and feeling so much pain.  They did a bunch of X RAYS on me.  I passed all of the test.  The doctor prescribed me 3 meds that will hopefully help my stomach from being inflammatory.

DAY 5- DAY 6-- I basically missed work for a week now.  I know right.  I knew I wouldn't have energy to go to work anyways, plus I have a doctors note.  I took pepcid, & on the daily.  Still couldn't eat.  Began to slowly sip soup & porridge.  Of course, the pain strikes again once there's anything in my stomach.  I hate my stomach for acting up on me.  I was basically imprisoned in my bed.  Hopelessly praying that I will get better from all these MEDS.  I want to share my Gastritis Remedies with you guys.  I feel very rejuvenated and actually did this often.  Everytime I started feeling stomach pain...  I rushed my ass to the bathroom & fill my tub up & just lay in there.  I lay in there for a long time.  I remember singing a song about how I wish I can get better ASAP, and why this is happening to me.  IT HELPS!!! I actually did this 5 times a day.  Another method that helped me stay sane was from my grandma's back rubbing coining.  That shit is kray!  It makes me honestly feel alive again, and i'm able to do normal people thing.  But it doesn't last long.  It just gives me temporary strength. I think my grandma was pretty annoyed of me.  I ask her to coin me everything I didn't feel good, which is probably 6 times a day.  I know.

DAY 7-- Today is DAY 7.  My shortness of breath is now gone.  I no longer feel heartburn as I an in hailing & ex hailing.  The only damn problem is my skinny ass still can't eat!!! I remember craving Lee's sandwich so bad today, I knew it wasn't a good choice for me to munch on.  I'll just suffer in pain, if I take one bite or even think of it.  My BF drove me to Albertson and we bought all the stuff I don't normally eat.  LOL like uhm -- Apples, Jello, Yogurt etc.  It's important to eat non acidic things that don't irritate your stomach.  Also it's also good to eat things that was easy to digest.  That's the reason why I bought all of the those food above ^  My grandma is still taking care of me.  I'm still taking my meds & I'm still on my death bed.  I'm still not eating shit.  It's really sad how it's now the 7th day & I'm still stuck with this gay disease/infection or whatever it is.  Like... why me.  My friends are over here TUing with out me.  And to be honest I really don't care.  I get sick thinking of alcohol alone.  I can't believe i'm missing out on the JAY & BEYONCE concert this Sat due to this :(  Everything just sucks right now.  WHY WHY WHY.  I haven't dressed up or got ready in a week now.  On the positive side--  I'm not going to eat all the unhealthy things I normally do.  Like spicy acidic food aka Ramen.  Fatty food aka KBBQ.  Daily TURN UPS aka ALCOHOL.  I learned my lesson & I think this experience is going change my life.  This is just a diary of my GAYstritis experience.  Excuse the grammer -- since I wrote this really quickly.  Just wanted to express myself & what's a better way than blogging.

UPDATE AUG 3, 2014--
I'm back to normal guys!!! The whole time the stupid hospital doctor told me to take these dumb pills that didn't even do shit to me!  I finally went to my grandma's family doctor and they basically fixed me up within 1 day!  The medicine is called "ALIGN" Probiotic supplement.  It says "Gastroenterologist #1 Recommend"  So I guess that's another reason why I'm back to normal again.  I ate whatever the fuck I wanted to after-- lobster, clams, cakes, chocolate, rice, ETC.  It feels good.  BTW yesterday I went to the On the Run Tour (Jay-Z & Beyonce) Concert yesterday and I was pretty intoxicated.  My stomach still feels fine today.

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