Profound Co. x Gypsy

Jersey by   PROFOUNDCO Photographer  JENSEN KATO I really love how  SHOTSB4DEATH  captured this amazing (high-quality) jersey f...

Photographer JENSEN KATO

I really love how SHOTSB4DEATH captured this amazing (high-quality) jersey from PROFOUNDCO.  Thank you Kristina for the collab & the cute care-package.  Jensen & I adventure through the city of Torrance and captured these photo through film!  I've never realized the time and commitment each photo inquire, when modeling with a film camera.  Every photo = money + time.  Instead of a digital camera, where you can easily delete & take more pictures.  You cannot erase a bad picture on film.  It's a good way to learn how to take a good picture more precisely.  I believe it goes both way for the model working with film & also the photographer.

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