I know you ain't a drug, but you get me so high.

(  GYPSY WARRIOR  Camille Gypsy Jacket /  NASTYGAL  Skirt & Top / CDG Converse / LOVE&LEATHER  Necklace ) I'm feel...

GYPSY WARRIOR Camille Gypsy Jacket / NASTYGAL Skirt & Top / CDG Converse / LOVE&LEATHER Necklace )

I'm feelin' like a real gypsy in my gypsywarrior camille gypsy jacket! Thank you Erica :)  The weather is nice and hot, festival season is here.. so why not embrace my inner boho?  Living in Cali, showing a little bit of skin is something we don't have a problem doing.  We live off of high waisted shorts, crop tops, converse & slit skirts.  Who's complanin' tho?

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