We'll never be royals.

Photographer: Jensen Kato ( Top & Bottom  ZARA  / Royal 1's JORDAN  ) Hello World! (Wave).  Once again, i'm ba...

Photographer: Jensen Kato

( Top & Bottom ZARA / Royal 1's JORDAN )

Hello World! (Wave).  Once again, i'm back to being brunette.  Your boring, typical looking asian.  Lol.  I'm just kidding.  Although, I really miss my purple hair.  I'm kinda glad i'm back to brown.  Now I can wear fruity ass clothes again and not give a care about what matches and what don't!  It feels good to be back.  I'm really excited about this outfit post!  Let me tell you why... Lately, i've been really inspired by YEEZUS himself (Kanye West).  I love how he can accommodate looking simple, yet standing out so perfectly.  I can't really describe it, but you know what I mean!  Here's my all white look featuring a pair of Jordans.  OBVIOUSLY, i'm not your typical girly girl.  I like twisting anything that has to do with street into the mix.  That is why instead of rocking a pair of heels, I decided to wear a pair of Jordans to balance out the look.  ENJOY

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