Designer Love

(  SAMPLE DESIGNS  Jersey /  STEVE MADDENS  'Realove' Heels / VINTAGE  Gucci Bag ) " She want a lot of love Bu...

SAMPLE DESIGNS Jersey / STEVE MADDENS 'Realove' Heels / VINTAGE Gucci Bag )

" She want a lot of love
But his ballin' hand got your hand on that designer love
and I want to change your world
but you're such a material girl " -- Pretty Willie / Designer Love

I don't care if i'm a materialistic girl.  Fashion is what I love and I can spend all my money on a pair of Givenchy shoes if I want to.  I'm not judging you for what you choose to spend your money on.  For instance,  I believe any game system ( X Box/PS4 ) is really DUMB and pointless.  Getting mad and cussing out the screen is really pathetic.  Like just because you can kill people through the controller does not make you any better real life.  Fashion is something you can create, embrace & EXPRESS your personality with.  Now that's some deep shit.

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