Agenda Trade Show (Las Vegas) 2014

Entrance of Agenda
Rebels and their visual <3_<3
First club of the night XS.  DIPLO on the 1's and 2's.  Thank you GENERAL CROOK
Our OG Hellz Bellz + BOTB Booth A14
3rd Night: NAS performing at 1oak

Three things when YOU think of Agenda.  1) Exclusive Clothes 2) Fun 3) Let's get tipsy.  Three things when I think of Agenda 1) Hard fucking work! 2) Network 3) Coffee.  I'd like to thank my boss Lanie & Bam for giving me the opportunity for this once and a life time experience.  It really opened my eyes to how crazy the Fashion industry really is.  I met so many influential people.  My job for the last three days of trade show was to welcome our buyers into our booth and give them the 411 of our FALL 2014 collection.   Everyone was more than astonished by our collaboration with Sanrio.  The word 'Hello Kitty' had spread through out the whole trade show and our booth was where it was at.  My daily routine was honestly 7 AM: Wake up, get ready, get coffee (this near by cafe.  It was really annoying because it wasn't starbucks) work at Agenda till 6 pm, eat out with the HELLZ FAM (Lanie, Bam, Terry, Lea, Jordan), get fucked up (Night LIFE), come back to the hotel around 4 am & repeat.  You get the idea of how many hours of sleep Lea and I was really getting.  That's the reason why coffee is our craaaa-nnnaaay and the only reason why were still alive.

FIRST NIGHT: We set up our booth and settled down in our hotel at the Mirage.  Basically just preparing for the first day of Agenda.  I think the boys went to the Huf party.  Some strip club.  Glad I didn't go lol.  I'm still a strip club virgin and I don't know how my boyfriend would feel about me going to a strip club before him... It's like I wear the dick if I did? You know? lol. Just kidding.

SECOND NIGHT: We had our first crew dinner at the Wynn Hotel.  It was Bam & Lanie's favorite buffet.  All of us were really hungry, so you can imagine how much we stuffed our face!  I was all over the italian section.  So bomb.  After dinner we went to the JabbaWockeez Premiere Mixer.  We met all the JabbaWockeez dancer and chit chatted with their manager.  They were really humble!  The show was ammaaaazing.  It was so hilarious and good.  After the show ended (around 10 pm) we went back to the hotel and got sexified for XS.  Change clotheessssss and goooooo.  We met up with Crooks N Castles.  I think we actually bought out the table from a group of people who sat there.  IDK but they were kicked out lol.  XS was fucking fun.  DIPLO was getting it crackin and spinnin all my shit.  When Beyonce came on oOOooh you already know.  There was a point me and Brittney was trying to work the strip pole on top of our table.  The total cost of our table was crazy expensive.  $2O,OOO!! I can honestly buy a car with tht kind of money.  Thank you to General Crook (Crooks N Castles) for taking care of us that night.  

The night got really blurry after the club.  Some how we were driving in a stretched party bus and were heading to the Crooks N Castles Loft at the MGM hotel. The view was soooo sick.  I remember smoking a blunt with the cuties from Shop Jeeen and talking about business with the dude from Hypebeast.  I don't know it just got blurry.  I don't even remember coming back to the Mirage Hotel LOL.  It was one hell of a night and a great way to start Vegas AKA Team NO sleep.

THIRD NIGHT: Who doesn't fucking love pizza?  For the third night we decided to get dinner at CPK.  I ordered the delicious BBQ Chicken.  Finger Lickin' gooood!  We went back to the hotel and got ready for ROUND 2 of partying.  Tonight we decided to go to 1oak to see my nigga Nas perform.  Of course we got a table once again.  This time it was the courtesy of my boss Lanie!  Thank you!!  And of course we were sippin on Dom Peri, once again.  I could not take the shot of patron, I remember almost throwing up once the smell hit my nose.  I tried playing it off but really though I hate Tequila.  It was a no no.  Angie (Knyew) and I was walking around and wandering off.  I remember us being really close to Nas behind and was literally going to tap him for a quick selfie real quick.  HAHA he killed it though.  At the end of the night the girls (Lanie, Lea & I) decided to go back to the hotel and just rest up for tomorrow!  Which was a really good idea because i've never ever been so dead like the last day of Agenda.  

Overall, BEST TRIP OF 2014 EVER!

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