I can’t hate you. Simply because its not in my nature to hate you.

UNIF  Jersey  /   GYPSYWARRIOR  Boyfriend Jeans  /   VANS  Cheetah Authentics Happy Thursday!  Here's a quick out...

UNIF Jersey  /  GYPSYWARRIOR Boyfriend Jeans  /  VANS Cheetah Authentics

Happy Thursday!  Here's a quick outfit I put together featuring my new boyfriend jeans from Gypsy Warrior!  If you've been following me on Instagram or Lookbook or see me around you know that it's super rare spotting me in jeans.  After trying on these babies, trust me owning one pair is just not enough.  I'll be posting a new look with them as soon as I have time.  I've been so busy with school, work and my social life lately :(  Speaking of school, i'm low key blogging just to not work on my essay.... which is due tomorrow..... ugh procrastination at it's finest.

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