VERY RARE (AZS) x Modern Gypsy PT. 1

 ( c/o  AZS Very  Rare Tee / c/o  Lexmila  Skirt / c/o Shopapplesauced  Melody Ehsani Necklace /  Supreme  Bomber /  UO  Caged Sa...

 ( c/o AZS Very Rare Tee / c/o Lexmila Skirt / c/o Shopapplesauced Melody Ehsani Necklace / Supreme Bomber / UO Caged Sandals / Thrifted D&B Bag )

This is probably my most favorite outfit out of the entire year!  No joke.  I feel like it encompasses me so well.  That edginess along with the comfortable chic look.   If you know me, you know my signature lip color is RED.  RUBY WOO, RUSSIAN RED.. whatever kinda MAC it is.  But lately, i've been avoiding it.  The main reason why is because of.. my hair.  LOL I feel super ratchet wearing red lipsticks with my obvious red hair color.  BUT HEY It doesn't even look bad at all in this picture.  I'll be a brunette again around the Fall aka September.  Why?  Let's just say my cousin is making me since i'm going to be her bride mate at her wedding.

You can purchase my favorite "Very Rare" shirt from
I love, love, love his new collection.  I'll be posting more featuring the AZS line in my future blog post.
Don't sleep.

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