Civil Clothing x Gypsy

( c/o  Civil Clothing  Medicinal Two Piece / JC &  Wildfox  Heels / c/o  Lexmila  Cardigan ) How clever is my Tropic...

( c/o Civil Clothing Medicinal Two Piece / JC & Wildfox Heels / c/o Lexmila Cardigan )

How clever is my Tropical Marijuana two-piece?  I love it!  Thank you Civil Clothing for gifting me with this lovely swim wear.  Perfect for this hot summer dazeee! I actually wore this bathing suit to US Open two days ago at Huntington Beach. Definitely grabbed the right attention.  BTW my tattoo says "Love Reveals, Life Teaches".  OH! and NO I am not dirty.  I just have a cloud shape birthmark on the right side of my belly button.  That is all.  

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