AZS x Modern Gypsy

( c/o  AZS  Badman in Paris Snap Back / c/o  Shopapplesauced  Melodyehsani Love me or Leave me alone Necklace /  Alexander  Wang Sh...

( c/o AZS Badman in Paris Snap Back / c/o Shopapplesauced Melodyehsani Love me or Leave me alone Necklace / Alexander Wang Shoes / Phillip Lim "Weirdo" Shirt )

I've been crazy over the all white look lately.  All of my recent purchases proves this!  This is a look I put together featuring my BADMAN snapback hat from Crossroad.  He's a very talented and dope man, all the way from Tokyo yall!  Please check out his website for some more Street + High Fashion goodies.  www.azs.bigcartel.com  I'm also wearing my fabulous Melodyehsani "Love me or Leave me Alone" gold necklace from www.shopapplesauced.com.  How perfect, yet simple does it look with my outfit <3

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