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( c/o  Shopakira  Bleach Wash Circle Skirt / Thrasher Crop Sweater from  /  UO  Flower Crown/ Valentinos ) ...

( c/o Shopakira Bleach Wash Circle Skirt / Thrasher Crop Sweater from / UO Flower Crown/ Valentinos )

All i've really been doing is partying... all week.. straight.  My liver is suffering I know.  It's alright though cause it was all for my boy's birthday month! :)  I'll probably upload some Paid Dues picture tomorrow on the blog.  Oh yeah btw DID YOU KNOW YOUR GIRL FINALLY FINISHED HER 10 PAGE ESSAY GOTTTT DAMNNNNN! Kinda took me all day... Yup procrastination at it's finest.  That's seriously how I ace all my shit.  Lol. Seriously.  By the way! Don't forget to check out!  Everything is so cute.  I just want to thank them for blessing me with this cute circle skirt.  This skirt can transform any boring, typical, ordinary outfit into a SWAGGED OUT ONE! love it!

Tips of the day: If you have a nice stomach, CROP IT!

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