Lex & Mila x Modern Gypsy

( c/o Lex & Mila  Gwen Chevron Fringe Sweater  /  AA  Disco Shorts / Wildfox/JC Heels ) It will alway...

( c/o Lex & Mila Gwen Chevron Fringe Sweater / AA Disco Shorts / Wildfox/JC Heels )

It will always be sunny in california.  Today I went to my favorite thrift store on 2nd street.  Yup Buffalo Exchange.  It's pretty pricy for used clothes, but I usually find good stuff there!

I'm in love with my Fringe Sweater gifted by Lex and Mila.  I feel like a bird flying through the desert.  That is probably the reason why i'm soaring in my picture.  Definitely check them out!

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